TI8IT team have a strong background in software project management which is in compliance with the strict criteria of international ISO standards. Quality and reliability is guaranteed by austere adherence to the processes of realization from the specification, analysis and design, through the development, partial testing, integration testing to implementation at a client’s site and the operation as such. We are developing solutions to customers‘ requirements for various types of hardware and most of the standard operating systems. We are programming systems working in the real time with the in-site scanning.

We work in integrated development environments Delphi, C#, C++, Access, Java, PHP,, VBasic.

We master relational databases Oracle, MSSQL, Postgree, MySQL and more. When delivering our solutions into the IT environment of a client we are skilled in technologies for integration into SAP even for less standard environments.

Our professional attitude to work is reflected in our products and services:


functional and systemic solutions in which the client’s processes are not adapted to the software template.


wide opportunities of configuration, simplicity of operation, uncomplicated functionality and user comfort.


precisely tested reliability and stability of systems with flawless operation.


swift operational solutions and adaptability to clients’ requirements.


an advantage of investment with the „value for money“ approach


accommodativeness and promptness, we are available for our clients when it comes to both counselling and service.

„TI8IT is about details, which are often overlooked when deciding on an IT partner, but they might mean potential for complications in the long term. We are building up relationships with added value by delivering software with already filled data, verified compatibility by the third party and post-implementation full service.“

Peter Mitas
Project Manager