your vision

Making your plant more efficient and having a more qualified access
to information means to optimize your cost and maximize your potential.
This enables you to plan more ambitiously.
Simply enhance the level of your vision.

We have a team of professionals available to satisfy the requirements of our customers from energy and petrochemical industry which is particularly demanding on professionalism, functionality and reliability. This approach has been appreciated by clients working in the civil service, research organizations and retail companies. Owing to this fact, the renowned IT companies seek us as the specialists and counsellors in specific projects.

Our intellectual capital and proven know-how open doors for us to deliver our customers innovative solutions and cutting-edge implementation followed by the subsequent support and service. On the top of that we guarantee a professional accomplishment going hand in hand with responsibility in agreed time and budget.

Our close co-operation with a client in projects ensures that every requirement of theirs will be met or else an alternative will be offered in order to satisfy their needs. Thanks to our flexibility and promptness in adjustments to our clients’ needs we are able to complete our commitments sooner than the given deadline and thus save your time and money.

Our service goes beyond the realization. We are proud of building up long-term and lasting relationships to make sure that we meet the further changeable needs of our clients’.


We understand this term chiefly as a professional base with experience gained out of particular- ly difficult projects. Be- ing sound in communi- cation with a client, fee- ling responsibility for every commitment and a whole project and sat- isfying our clients needs is a part of what makes TI8IT professional.


means for us practical and pragmatic solutions, ergonomics of the usage, accommodativeness towards users‘ needs and hence „user friendly“ approach.


Being RELIABLE is not only about the quality and a keen eye for small details but also about fairness – we really put our promises into practice.


is what we call complete engagement, personal devotion of all member of a team and enthusiasm to reach a goal exceeding our client’s expectations.


is about individual approach, willingness to fulfill client’s requirements, co-operate in amiable environment and help to come up to their expectations.

„IT segment has undergone dynamic development which brings along opportunities for non-experts with amateur and low-quality solutions. Therefore, it is good to have your local professional IT partner with a high-grade reference at hand.
Due to their rich experience and practical approach, TI8IT seek high-quality and ergonomic solutions
which clients can always rely on.“

Oldřich Kuboň