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CASE STUDY 1. - APM Assembly Process Management

CASE STUDY 2. – MORENA (Enviroment a Crisis Management)

An industrial building of strategic importance is located in the vicinity of a nuclear unit. The investor had been obliged by law to secure a timely warning and protection of his employees in case of radiologic consequences of a nuclear unit accident.

The delivery of a project consisted of three parts: the delivery and assembly of the measuring tools and hardware, creating software products and implementing the complex of organizational measures in the field of civil protection.
The technical solution was based on the creating of chains consisting of meteorological and dosimetric stations with the transmission via data logger, in which the evaluation software for timely warnings and the displaying of risk areas is installed. The information system enables to keep track of thorough records stemming from the requirements regarding crisis operation during each stage of a threat.

Contribution: The client has met the legislative norms in the field of civil protection. The complex of measures has been trained for a long time and the unit has gained corresponding experience and skills. The system of timely warning and monitoring of a meteorological state is also being used in other activities related to the object management.

CASE STUDY 3. – Assembly IT Škoda Slovakia, s.r.o.)

A client needed to secure a completion of an infrastructure for a power plant construction. At the same time, he required complete ICT services. There has been approximately a fourfold increase in the volume of linked client stations. Over the course of the solution, an inquiry to overtake the server administration arose.

The client does not have to build his own interim IT department for the period of the construction and this is how flexible ICT service is secured in the favourable proportion of performance/cost.